Beware of magazine scam

Contributed by editor on Mar 06, 2006 - 04:02 PM


Businesses in South East Kent are being warned to be o­n their guard after a bogus caller tried to con sponsorship money from a firm in Deal.

A man calling himself Steve Rogers phoned claiming he was from the police and was asking local firms to sponsor a magazine that would be distributed to local schools. He said it would cost £105 a year.

Kent Police believe this is a scam, as there are no officers by that name and Kent Police is not involved in any magazines of this sort.

A spokesman said: “Businesses should check the authenticity of any approaches for sponsorship or advertising in local magazines, particularly those that claim to have the backing of police.�

“Only agree to sponsor or pay for advertising where you are confident the venture is real. Genuine callers should not mind while you take their details and get back to them after you have had time to check them out.�