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Articles: Allegiance should be with that of your constituents

Contributed by editor on May 10, 2006 - 11:25 PM

Have your say!


Re: Cllr. Susan Carey comment to :- Are decisions being made behind closed doors?

Dear Ed,

With reference to your quotes above, I note that you state there are no local children from the village of Selsted, surprisingly Selsted o­nly consists of around about a dozen houses. As you are probably aware Swingfield, Wootten, Denton, Densole, Swingfield Street, Acrise to name but a few are all served by Selsted primary school.

I also note that you will not be attending the public meeting with the Parish Council and state that our views can be made at the KCC meeting. Is this because you will not have chance to formulate your responses to any awkward questions that you are certainly going to be faced with?

You are our local Councillor and the interest of the community should surely take priority over cost cutting exercises and I like to think that your allegiance should be with that of your constituents as we are the o­nes who make or break your position in local government