Anonymous posts are what I call 'ducking the issue'

Contributed by editor on May 11, 2006 - 07:18 PM


Dear Ed,

Re: Declined invitation to school meeting

I have been o­n KCC's Schools Organisation Advisory Board since last October and my experience of the public consultations is quite different from that of Veritas.  I have seen proposals modified or dropped as a result of consultations and sometimes we go ahead with the proposal as presented.  I certainly listen to what is said to me, I often sympathise with it but I don't always agree with it. 

KCC is reviewing every district in the County to deal with the problem of the fall in the number of children.  If we do nothing then every school will suffer as their funding comes per pupil. It makes more sense to look at closing or amalgamating some schools than letting lots of schools get into real financial trouble.  Most people accept the need for this but it is the choice of which schools to close or amalgamate that is so difficult. 

I am not ducking the issue by saying I can't attend the public meeting o­n 22 May.  It was set without checking my previous commitments and I am elsewhere o­n KCC business that night.  I will be at the public meeting KCC holds if consultation o­n closure goes ahead. 

By the way, how do others feel about these false names that people use o­n the Hawkinge website?  Why do people want to post anonymous remarks?  Now that's what I call ducking the issue.

Susan Carey
Member Elham Valley
Kent County Council