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Articles: Allow us the choice of a church school

Contributed by editor on May 12, 2006 - 05:47 PM

Have your say!


Dear Ed,

After corresponding with Ms Carey and explaining my own reasons for choosing Selsted Church of England School for my children, I find it somewhat bewildering that she "agreed with all I said about it", but still feels she "would support consultation o­n closing the school".

I have always found Selsted offers a warm friendly atmosphere and offered an excellent education and teaching staff.

I know many who have joined the school because their children were unhappy at other schools, and have blossomed at Selsted because of the high moral foundation a Church School is able to offer. This I pointed out is something that many larger schools cannot offer.

Surely if Ms Carey "agrees with all I say" she has a moral obligation to allow our children to thrive in this caring environment, and allow us as parents to have the choice to send our children to a Church School.

Kate Richmond