What a surprise

Contributed by editor on May 17, 2006 - 01:15 PM


Dear Ed,

Re: Who is joking now?

Well well, my crystal ball seemed to be working just fine after all.

First Ms. Carey can see no political advantages in the closure of schools and all of a sudden she is a step up the political ladder!  All that altruism paid off.

How sad that it seems the local government and church may be in cahoots, where do we go from here with no o­ne to fight our corner?

Perhaps the plans to make Hawkinge akin to an inner London estate are not that far from the truth. where are all these new children to the area going to go to school, or can these new residents o­nly buy a house o­n the condition they don't reproduce?

And where is the Ms. Carey whom has been praised for so diligently answering all the comments?

Emma Albrock