Meeting backs consultation on possible closure of Selsted school

Contributed by editor on May 18, 2006 - 11:30 PM


This morning (18 May) at the Schools Organisation Advisory Board (SAOB), there was an overwhelming majority for recommending the proposal to consult o­n the possible closure of Selsted school. 

It was supported by six of the County Councillors including Susan Carey plus both the church representatives with just two councillors against. 

The cabinet will now make a decision o­n Monday o­n whether to follow SOAB's advice.  If they do, there will be a 6 week consultation period including a public meeting.  All comments then go back to SOAB to consider.  
Cllr Carey  put forward the case made by parents in their letters and e-mails. "It was clear that we must look carefully at the future of this school and so I voted for consultation" she said. 

"I have asked the cabinet member for Education, John Simmonds to visit Selsted school and he has agreed to come."