Hawkinge Parish Council minutes 12 April 2006

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Minutes of the meeting of HAWKINGE PARISH COUNCIL held o­n 12th April 2006 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall

Present: Cllr. Callahan (Chairman)
               Cllrs. Avery, Ms Brisley, Hogben, Punnett, Smith and Trice
In attendance: Mrs Hardy (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllr. Heasman (vacation) Cllr. Hodgson (work commitment)

Two residents of Coombewood Lane asked the Council to bear in mind the views of neighbours when considering a planning application submitted by the owner of “Woodsideâ€?.    They gave a brief history and their reasons for objecting to it.

268            Declarations of Interest

Cllrs. Callahan and Smith declared an interest in planning matters (members of Development Control Committee SDC) they reserved the right to make a decision at District level when they are in possession of all the facts relating to an application.    Cllr. Punnett declared an interest in Min. 278(b) [owner of adjacent property].
269      Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held o­n 8th March 2006 were confirmed and signed (prop.Cllr. Avery,sec. Cllr. Brisley) Votes: 6 in favour 1 abstention
270      Matters arising out of the Minutes

            Finance Group minutes [min. 254 (a)]
The members of the Group agreed that provided they have received the minutes themselves and had time to advise the Clerk if they want any amendments made, the minutes may be sent to all councillors before they are formally approved and signed.    The Chairman reminded councillors that the Group o­nly makes recommendations to the Council it has no delegated powers.     For a council with o­nly 9 members the organisation of groups to save debating time in full council (set up by a previous council) has worked well.   
271     Reports

      (a) Community Liaison
Cllr. Brisley reported that work had started near Reindene Hill to clear the way for the new link road.
Cllr. Trice told councillors that Strange Cargo has made a 20-minute film o­n Harry the Giant.     He reported that the Village Clean-Up Weekend held o­n 8th April had been worthwhile.    10 people had turned up and 20 sacks of rubbish collected.    He hoped to hold another o­ne in September and suggested that the Council might purchase some equipment.
The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to Cllr. Trice for organising the Clean-Up Weekend.
       (b) Planning and Development
Cllr. Callahan had attended a Planning and Building Control Parish Councils’ User Group meeting o­n 28th March.   Some PCs complained that their comments o­n planning applications were not taken into account by officers with delegated powers.   The developers will advise Hawkinge PC when construction of the northern link of the relief road will commence.
272      Other Bodies

       (a) Neighbourhood Management Partnership
The Council gave its support to the document “Actions for a Better Hawkinge 2006-07â€? with the exception of a reference o­n page 15 to a best-kept street competition implemented by the Parish Council. [min. 256(a)]
      (b) Community Centre
Cllr. Smith said the Entertainments Licence has been granted provided a noise limiter is used.     The licence can be reviewed at any time.
      (c) Village Hall
Cllr. Brisley said new cupboards with locks are to be fitted in the kitchen.
Some interior painting is outstanding and new curtains will be purchased.
      (d) Hawkinge Community Safety Forum
Cllr. Smith had attended a meeting.    The Forum recommended that the purchase of lights for the village hall car park and a fence to prevent cars driving through to the Community Centre car park should be given priority.
273       Hawkinge Football Ground

       (a) The Football Project
Cllr. Trice said a meeting was held o­n 24th March.    He reported that the temporary changing rooms are being used.    Shepway football grounds are closing down and four big pitches have been lost so there will be several clubs wanting to use the pitches next season.     The pavilion is urgently needed and the Council must get the ground up to the required standard.
Water, gas and electricity have to be brought o­n to the ground.   
Cllr. Trice said a 10 year plan has to be written to obtain grants; he intends to write a Sports and Activity Plan that includes provision for young and old people.
The Project Group’s recommendation that the PC purchase nets and posts for the use of youngsters o­n the football ground was accepted.
      (b) Resignation
Cllr. Punnett had sent the Clerk the following ‘e’ mail.   “As of today 4th April I have resigned from the Hawkinge Football Project Committee.   I have informed Cllr. Trice of my intention and have assured him that I will help him all I can in a volunteer capacity.   I have a great admiration for all the work and dedication he puts into this projectâ€?.    
       (c) Management of the ground
The Chairman said someone is needed to keep the ground up to standard.   The Council had allocated money in the budget and to move things along he had placed and advertisement in the newsletter for a casual worker who is prepared to work at weekends.    Cllr. Trice stated that if the Council can constitute a Sports Association it would manage the grounds.    The Cricket Club is looking at the proposal now and he is contacting the Football Clubs and other interested parties.
274      Multi-Sport Complex – Land at Cricketers Close

Cllr. Trice reported that the Project Group had contacted three companies that design multi-sport complexes and supply the equipment.      Representatives of two of the companies had visited the site and were preparing plans and costs.    He intended to meet Len Mayatt, Cultural & Leisure Services Manager, SDC, again to keep him fully informed.    If it is decided that the project is feasible and SDC is prepared to allow it o­n their land, he would bring the matter back to Council in two months time.
275      Finance Group

The Chairman reported that the Group met o­n 17th March to consider matters referred to it by the Council.     There were three recommendations regarding payments to be considered in the confidential section.    

Hawkinge Allotment Society

The Clerk had received an ‘e’ mail from Hawkinge Allotment Society too late for inclusion in the PC agenda for the March meeting.   The Society requested that the Council contact local landowners and developers to ask for land to lease for allotments.     The Finance Group recommended that landowners and developers be contacted with a view to leasing a plot of land for allotments for a long or short term.    
It was Resolved that the Council write to landowners and developers to ask if they have an area of land suitable for allotments that the Council may rent or lease for a long or short term.   (prop. Cllr. Avery, sec. Cllr. Trice)
Votes all in favour.     Councillors agreed to send names of landowners who they thought could be approached to the Clerk.
Distribution of KCC Second Homes Money 2006/07 [min. 262(b)]
The Chief Executive, SDC, had sent a letter (15th March) advising that the Cabinet had voted “to exclude precepting authorities from claiming o­n the Community Chest and to agree that such authorities may act in partnership with non-precepting organisations to make a claimâ€?.    The Council accepted the Finance Group’s recommendation that a copy of the letter be sent to the Community Centre asking them to prepare a project that the Parish Council can support.
276      Finance

       (a) The Clerk reported that the Audit Commission had sent Notice of the
Audit for the year ending 31st March 2006.    The Annual Return must be completed and returned to the Audit Commission by 12th June.  
To comply with the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 (SI 2003/533) a notice would be posted 14 days prior to 10th May advising electors of their rights and that they may inspect the books between 10th May and 8th June.
The Clerk stated that the Annual Return would have to be approved at the Annual Meeting o­n 10th May.    
       (b) Councillors received a copy of the Income & Expenditure figures for 2005/06.             
       (c) Payments
The following accounts were approved for payment (prop. Cllr. Avery, sec. Cllr. Brisley) Votes: all in favour
      ch  date           £
  Zurich Insurance   17.3.06       2,029.06 
  Kingsfords   12.4.06         400.00 
  Village Hall (invest. interest)       "           36.32 
  Hythe Town Concert Band       "         150.00 
  Staples       "           93.09 
  SDC rates (football) 1st instalment      DD           17.67 
  SDC rates (SL) 1st instalment      DD           95.21 
  Clerk's salary   12.4.06         726.57 
             Expenses       "           48.02 
  NatWest EBS       SO           10.00 
         * Harmer Landscapes       "         411.25 
         * John E. McMillan & Associates       "       8,918.18 
  Cllr. C.Trice (reimbursement)       "           56.69 
  CPRE (sub.)       "           25.00 
  Cowgate Landscaping        "         470.00 
  Wybon Ltd.       "         840.13 
         * Approved in confidential section    

277      Village Hall Car Park

Cllrs. Avery, Heasman and Smith who were appointed to study the Health & Safety Report and put forward a complete package of recommendations including estimates and costs had not met.   Cllr. Smith said he intended to include Cllr. Brisley in the consultation and all other interested parties.
Pot Holes [min. 261(c)]
The Chairman stated that Cllr. Punnett had obtained verbal estimates to fill in the pot holes and resurface the area.     In view of the urgency of the situation he had approved a quotation from Cowgate Landscaping that was under £400 and asked Cllr. Punnett to oversee the operation.    The Council approved the action taken.
The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to Cllr. Punnett.           
278      Correspondence

       (a) Defra Getting to grips with the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act
            2005 – a PC guide to environmental enforcement.     Received.
       (b) Environmental Health Officer, SDC, regarding the Environmental
Protection Act 1990.   SDC had received a complaint that an alleged odour nuisance caused by vehicle fumes from idling vehicle engines was causing disturbance to other residents.     The letter dated 28th February was addressed for the attention of Cllr. Callahan and the Clerk had passed it to him.   
Cllr. Callahan said he had spoken to the officer concerned who recommended that notices be put up asking users to switch off engines.   He had asked for written confirmation of their conversation.
Cllr. Punnett (the complainant) left the room while the above item was discussed.  
       (c) Senior Engineer – Development, Kent Highway Services (21st March)
KCC had entered into a legal Agreement with the developers Pentland Homes and George Wimpey for the construction of the northern section of the Hawkinge Relief road from Aerodrome Road to the A260 Canterbury Road and the letter gave some details of the scheme and stated that every effort will be made to keep disruption caused by the works to a minimum.
Received and noted.
       (d) Kent Police Authority a letter signed by the Chairman of the Authority and
 Chief Constable Michael Fuller, announcing that Kent’s case to the Home Secretary for a single strategic police force has been successful.     Noted.
       (e) Local Plans Manager, SDC – Local Plan Review.    The Plan amended by the
Proposed Modifications has been adopted by SDC (14th March).     Noted
       (f) South East England Regional Authority – The South East Plan.    A copy of the
            plan that consisted of several documents was received.
       (g) 3rd Hawkinge Scout Group.    The Council received a request for a donation
             to cover the cost of two fire extinguishers and a fire blanket.   
             It was Resolved that the Council donate £100 to the 3rd Hawkinge Scout
             Group.     (prop. Cllr. Avery, sec. Cllr. Hogben) Votes: all in favour
279     Plans

           The following plans were received and comments sent:
Y06/0297/SH 1 Oak Cottage, Cat Hill: erection of a two storey side extension
No objections.     There was no location attached to the application.
Y06/0369/SH 39 Gray Close: erection of a rear conservatory.   No objections
Y06/0364/SH Serendipity, Fernfield: non-compliance with condition 5 of planning permission 94/0575/SH to allow erection of a single storey side extension.   No objections
Y06/0395/SH 31 Gray Close: erection of a rear conservatory.  No objections
Amended Plan Y05/1641/SH land rear of 155 Canterbury Road
Plot 5 changed from a house to a bungalow.    No objection provided there is no access o­n to Canterbury Road.
The above comments submitted by the Planning Group were approved.
Plans considered at the meeting.
Y06/0420/SH Unit 1 & 2 Gibraltar Lane: non-compliance with condition 13 of planning permission Y05/1494/SH to allow use of the home working buildings to fall outside class B1.    Objection:  condition 13 of planning permission Y05/1494/SH should remain i.e. the working buildings fall within class B1.
Y06/0440/SH 75 The Street: erection of five detached dwellings and garages including formation of a new vehicular access and demolition of existing dwelling and buildings, being further details pursuant to outline permission Y05/0090/SH (condition 1 reserved matters details of siting, design, external appearance, means of access and landscaping) re-submission of Y06/0047/SH.    No objection.
Y06/0400/SH Woodside, Coombe Wood Lane: installation of dormer window
to front elevation of garage and retrospective increase in height to roof
linking main dwelling and garage (alternative to development approved
under Y02/0966/SH).     Objection o­n the following grounds:
The installation is out of keeping with existing development in the locality and is contrary to policy BE7 of the District Local Plan and BE8 of the Local Plan Review.     The development is contrary to Kent Structure Plan policy RS1 that requires development permitted at village and small rural towns to be well designed and appropriate.     There is likely to be a demand for the use of this unit as self-contained living accommodation, which would result in an over intensive development of the site harmful to the character of the present developed residential area.
Y06/0388/SH Land rear of Bramdene Stombers Lane: erection of 2 chalet bungalows and creation of vehicular access following demolition of extension to Bramdene.     Objection o­n the grounds that back land development is contrary to District planning policy (RS2 Local Plan).    There is concern about drainage in the area.
KCC DO/92/1099/R6 KCC Waste Management, Fernfield Lane: Variation of
Condition (6) to allow installation of an enclosed stairwell and crane control cabin
No objection.   
Voting o­n each of the above applications was For 5 Against 0 Abstention 0
(two district councillors did not vote)
280      Annual Parish Meeting

The Chairman confirmed that the meeting would be held o­n Wed. 26th April 2006 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.    

          It was resolved that because publicity would be prejudicial to the public
interest by Reason of the confidential nature of business to be transacted the public (including the Press) be excluded from the meeting pursuant to the provision of sub section 100 & 102 of the Local Government Act, 1972.
At this point Cllr. Smith left the meeting.
282      Sale of Leisuredrome land

The Chairman gave a progress report.
283      Finance Group Recommendations - Settlement of Accounts

Payment of the revised account from John E. McMillan & Associates dated 14th March (invoice no. 1698) was approved (listed above)
Payment of the account from Harmer Landscapes dated 10th January was approved (listed above).
KCC County Members Grant – a quotation from Portfolio Display Ltd for two white flagpoles 5 metre was selected from three estimates for the grant application.
The meeting closed at 9.40 pm