WI rôle in event of local disaster

Contributed by editor on May 04, 2006 - 10:49 PM


May cometh and so do the resolution meetings throughout the Women’s Institute.  It has long been the practice of Hawkinge, Acrise & Paddlesworth to encourage our members to attend by having a lunch first and this year was no exception.  I trust everyone agrees that it was a very tasty o­ne and the committee are to be thanked for all their hard work in making the occasion so enjoyable. 

When lunch was over the meeting opened with the singing of Jerusalem. birthday greetings were accorded to Mesdames Marshall, Bell, Jefferson and Cole, and additional congratulations were given to Avis Readman and her husband Guy o­n the occasion of their Diamond Wedding Anniversary; a beautiful arrangement of flowers was then presented to Avis.  

There were two resolutions for discussion; the first o­n “Sport for a Healthy Populationâ€? was presented by Gillian Philcox and after much discussion the members voted to support it. 

The second o­n “Renewable Energyâ€? (presented by Linda Barnes) was considered to be too wide ranging and after much careful thought and discussion the overall vote was to abstain.  Renewable energy is very much in the public domain now and there are many agencies dealing with it that it did seem a pity that this particular topic was adopted in the first place. 

We were then given a brief update by Gill Connolly o­n the East Kent Emergency Group.  This is an agency that the WI has joined and in the event of a disaster in this area those participating would offer tea and sympathy to the victims. After Gill’s very interesting short debrief seven more ladies signed up as volunteers. 

To lighten the afternoon a game was then introduced by Nora Cole, each member had a sticker put o­n her back with the name of a well known person o­n it and by asking questions of others had to guess who they were.  This did cause much hilarity and it was good to hear the hall ringing with laughter. 

The monthly competition was for any craft exhibit and was won by Barbara Pemble who had brought along a lovely framed piece of cross stitch which she had made to celebrate her wedding anniversary as it reminded her of the church she was married in.

Earlier in the afternoon Wendy Bell had given us a brief update o­n the works of ACWW (Association of Country Women World Wide) as the monies collected from the monthly competition (a silver coin is put o­n the preferred entry) are donated o­nce a year.

There are many events planned for this year, we are going to St Paul’s Cathedral in September, so why not come along and see if the WI is for you, you will be made very welcome. 

The next meeting is o­n Tuesday, 6th June, starting at 2pm in the village hall; the speaker is Lt Col Fairclough of the Salvation Army, the title “People Who Need Peopleâ€?.  Should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact either the secretary o­n 893858 or myself o­n 891734.

Linda Barnes