Are decisions being made behind closed doors?

Contributed by editor on May 08, 2006 - 02:54 PM



Dear Ed,

I am writing with regard the to possible closure of Selsted school.

After spending a morning on the phone to several schools in the area it seems unclear about the fate of Selsted's pupils.

Neither Hawkinge school nor The Churchill, both apparently with surplus places, could offer my child a place. Yet we are led to believe that the Churchill has an unused classroom. 

Are decisions being made behind closed doors that we are later to be made aware of? 

For the present time I am uncertain about what choices are available to me, or what effect planned action will have.

I was informed this morning by a local county councillor that parents should be wary of sending their children to any schools with under 210 pupils; it's a shame that our Local Education Authority do not see the need to highlight this information to us when parents are choosing schools. 

It also indicates the precarious situation of not only our village schools, but also some of the smaller town schools.

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