Civic Society will fight new surgery plans

Contributed by editor on Jul 01, 2006 - 04:40 PM


Dear Ed,

The Hawkinge Civic Society convened a meeting o­n Friday 30th June 06 to discuss the recently resurrected plans for the Doctor’s Surgery and Retail Pharmacy o­n the land at the junction of Mill Lane and The Street. (Y06/0863/SH). You will recall that the original plans were withdrawn for reasons unknown in October 2005

With the rapid expansion of the village, nobody denies the desperate need for such a facility. But it is just beyond our comprehension why they feel the need to decimate valuable woodland, and cause traffic chaos, when it would appear that perfectly suitable alternative sites exist elsewhere in our village.

You will be aware that outline planning permission was previously granted for a site off Haven Drive. This has, dare I say conveniently, lapsed since last years plans were withdrawn. It goes without argument that this site would be far better served by the road network, further still after the completion of the relief road.

An inspection of the latest application quickly reveals that little, or nothing has changed and this is just another attempt to push this through, hoping that nobody is looking.

The facts, never the less remain:-

This development would not be in accordance with the Local Development Plan.

The whole of the wood is covered by Shepway District Council’s very own Tree Protection Order no. 20 of 1988.

Both The Street and Mill Lane are already overloaded with traffic. As we all know, Mill Lane is reduced to o­ne cars width in places and is largely without footpath or street lighting.

Is it really acceptable, or responsible to encourage several hundred new traffic movements past Hawkinge Primary School?

Surely our village and its residents deserve to be consulted, when o­ne of it’s major amenities is being relocated in this way? As I write this, people outside of our group are not yet aware.

The Hawkinge Civic Society remains committed to the objection of this proposal and will do our utmost to ensure that common sense prevails.

Stuart Hall
Hawkinge Civic Society Chairman