Parish council backs opposition to Health Centre plans

Contributed by editor on Jul 13, 2006 - 12:52 AM


Over sixty parishioners against plans to build a health centre and pharmacy in the woods between Mill Lane and The Street packed into Hawkinge village hall last night (12 July).

In the question and answer section at the beginning of the monthly Parish Council meeting, they made their views clear to councillors and pressed them for their support against the plans.

District Councillor Christena Smith and Hawkinge Civic Society Chairman Stuart Hall outlined the objections. The Parish Council has received more than a dozen letters of opposition. It is believed there have been two letters in support of the plans.

When the plans were put before councillors they were rejected. Cllr Cyril Trice said the plans were virtually the same as plans put forward last year and subsequently withdrawn by the applicant.

Cllr. David Callahan said they will be forwarded to Shepway District Council saying the Parish Council strongly objects to the plans and they should be called in to the Development Control Committee.

A representative from the Parish Council will speak when the plans are discussed at the planning meeting.