Empty properties needed for firearms training

Contributed by editor on Jul 14, 2006 - 12:05 AM


Kent Police are appealing to property owners to offer their empty buildings to be used for training firearms officers.

As part of their training, officers have to carry out practice searches in empty premises such as houses, warehouses, schools and hosptials.

Some of the training will involve hostage rescue scenarios where officers may have to damage doors, windows or walls by way of gaining entry. Therefore buildings that are scheduled to be refurbished are ideal.

In other training no damage would be caused to the property at all.

We will be able to provide indemnity policies to cover owners from any liability should unforseen damage or injury occur to Kent Police employees while training.

No live ammunition will be used during the training.

If you have a property you could volunteer please contact PC Mark Jewiss o­n 01622 654895.