Swingfield Twinning Association newsletter 6 July 2006

Contributed by editor on Jul 16, 2006 - 12:15 AM

Swingfield Twinning Association

NEWSLETTER No 6 July 2006

Colin Tearle (Chairman) 01303 892621

David Bateman (Vice-chairman)

Karen Tatt (Secretary) 01303 893724

Paul Tatt (Treasurer)

Harry O`Grady

  Andrew Barchi

Yvonne Parry

  Heather Bateman

Peter Brocklebank

Linda Tearle

  Graham Truss

Dear Member, 

The last two weeks have seen a lot of activity.  

Firstly, with the visit to Aviron during the last weekend of June arriving on the Friday evening, which saw us visiting the Marais Vernier, a wild marsh area near the Seine estuary, going over the Pont du Normandy followed by a visit to a calvados distillery. A barbeque followed in the evening outside the village hall in the warm evening air. 

Sunday was spent at leisure with people doing their own thing with the host family, meeting at lunchtime for a meal before departing for home about 5pm. Secondly, playing our part in the annual Selsted school exchange with their opposite numbers in Aviron. A three-day programme was organized by Linda Wilcox, a teacher at the school, which finished with a BBQ on the Friday evening organized by the Twinning Association, attended by approximately 90 people. 

The first weekend in September sees us playing host to our friends from Aviron, arriving on the Friday evening. Saturday sees us visiting the Faversham Festival all day, with a trip around the Shepherd Neame Brewery in the itinerary. In the evening a meal is planned for everyone, whilst Sunday will be spent taking it easy finishing with a BBQ at Selsted School. 

Finally, new members and ideas are always most welcome - we are generally surprised at how relaxed our twice-yearly visits with the people from Aviron really are and just how many private friendships and subsequent visits are now a feature of twinning. For further details please contact the chairman on 01303 892621.