High priority PC security alert

Contributed by editor on Jul 20, 2006 - 11:40 AM


By Lou Bolechala

Microsoft is warning Windows users about a virus that takes over PCs via the popular PowerPoint program. 

Attached to the virus is a poisoned presentation that, if opened, installs key logging software on a computer. Users are being told to take care because it could be weeks before Microsoft produces a patch that protects against the security loophole. 

The presentation purports to be 18 humorous slides about love between men and women. 

The PowerPoint presentation is attached to an e-mail that arrives from a Google GMail address. 

Anyone opening the PowerPoint file will trigger the virus that installs a key logger that records everything typed on an infected machine. It also opens up a backdoor into that machine that the creators of the virus are likely to exploit to gather the recorded keystrokes or to install other malicious programs.
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