Swingfield Parish Council minutes 30 May 2006

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Minutes of a meeting of Swingfield Parish Council held at
Swingfield Village Hall, o­n Tuesday 30 May 2006

PRESENT:  Councillor C D Tearle (in the Chair), Councillors R D Curd,   S Lee and A Nichol
Apologies for absence:  Councillors Mrs A Harmer, V Harmer and H O’Grady

        Officer in Attendance:  Mrs T Wiles, Clerk and Treasurer


There were no declarations of interest.

Proposed by Councillor R D Curd

Seconded by Councillor   A Nichol and

RESOLVED:  To appoint Councillor C D Tearle as Chairman of the Parish Council for 2006/07.


It was agreed to defer this item to the next meeting of the Parish Council. 

   The minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held o­n 25 April 2006 were submitted, approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.  

5047.  A260 PROBLEMS

   The Chairman introduced the background to this item and referred to complaints and letters which had been made to the police in respect of the many problems mainly relating to speeding o­n the A260.

   PC Graves was in attendance and introduced himself by advising that he was responsible for traffic management issues and County Councillor Susan Carey was also in attendance.  P C Graves spoke to the Parish Council asking what the police can do to assist it.  He went o­n to explain that hand held devices were used in 30/40 mph speed restricted areas and that static cameras were limited as to where they can go and were operated centrally.  The placing of these static cameras was dependent o­n accident statistics for the past 3-5 years. He went o­n to say that it was expected that the relief road running through Hawkinge currently under construction would have a significant impact o­n the A260 and any proposed actions relating to the A260 could be premature. 

   Questions from Councillors were then invited. These related to motorcyclists using the A260 o­n Sundays mornings as a race track, and speeding in general being a major issue. PC Graves responded that his role was a monitoring role and the problem was policing the speed limits that were in place.  He explained that the accident statistics were made up of o­nly those which involved injury.

County Councillor Susan Carey advised that Kent County Highways had confirmed that the right speed limits were in place and that any review should be undertaken after the impact of the new road had been assessed to ensure that appropriate adjustments are made.

The Parish Council asked that a school sign be put in place o­n the A260 by Kent Highways and Susan Carey agreed to assist with this.

PC Graves advised that the police would undertake the following actions:
To continue to carry out speeding checks, to enquire about the relocation of the speed camera at White Horse Hill Hawkinge and to undertake speed checks over the weekends for a period of two or three months and to let the Parish Council have an update o­n the data collected.

The Chairman thanked PC Graves and County Councillor Susan Carey for attending.

   Proposed by Councillor C D Tearle
 Seconded by Councillor A Nichol and

 RESOLVED:  To write to Kent Highways requesting a school sign be placed o­n the A260 in the vicinity of Stockham Lane.

The Chairman introduced the item and invited County Councillor Susan Carey to join in.  The debate was opened Councillor Curd who gave a resume of the strength of feeling that prevailed at the Public Meeting held o­n 22 May 2006.  Overwhelming support was given by over 120 people attending, that the school should remain open, o­ne of the main reasons being the school’s high achievement in the area of special needs. 

County Councillor Susan Carey advised that at this stage the County Council was listening to consultees before reaching a decision o­n the closure of the school.  Dwindling numbers of pupils meant that the school’s budget would perhaps be too small to offer the full range of services to its pupils.

   Proposed by Councillor C D Tearle
 Seconded by Councillor R D Curd and

 RESOLVED:  To close the meeting to allow members of the public to speak. 

   After members of the public had put forward their points of view the Parish Council resumed it meeting.

  Proposed by Councillor R D Curd 
  Seconded by Councillor S Lee and

1. To vigorously support Selsted School and the Action Group to ensure the Schools remains open.
2. The Chairman of the Parish Council to attend the meeting o­n 28 June 2006 as the Parish Council’s representative and to authorise him to take any action as appropriate to pursue the Parish Council’s policy. 


 Councillors considered the Financial Report and Accounts for Payment, which was circulated at the meeting. The Clerk and Treasurer presented the Parish Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2006 for approval to be submitted to the Audit Commission.
Proposed by councillor A Nichol
Seconded by councillor S Lee and 


1. To approve the accounts a copy of which is attached to these minutes as Appendix 1, and to make the payments due.
2.  To approve the Parish Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2006 for submission to the Audit Commission.


A schedule of representatives o­n Outside Bodies was considered.

Proposed by Councillor A Nichol
Seconded by Councillor S Lee and


To approve the schedule of representatives o­n outside bodies for 2006/07 which is attached to these minutes as Appendix 2.


A schedule of meeting dates circulated for 2006/07 was considered and approved and is attached as appendix 3.


 The Chairman reported that o­ne planning application had been received since the last meeting of the Parish Council and two further applications were considered at the meeting. Details of the applications are included o­n Appendix 4.

The Clerk reported a letter which had been received regarding proposals for the development St Peters Church, Swingfield from the redundant Churches Uses Committee.

It was agreed to write to the Committee supporting the proposed action to be taken.


No issues apart from the School sign were raised. 


No issues were raised. 


Correspondence which had been received since the last meeting would be circulated to all members.  Details are contained in Appendix 5 to these minutes.