Over 700 vehicles a day would use Mill Lane

Contributed by editor on Jul 21, 2006 - 12:30 AM


Dear Ed,

On Thursday 6th July 2006 a count carried out by myself and an independent witness on vehicles using Mill Lane during the proposed surgery opening hours,

as stated on the planning application for the doctors surgery,  revealed that 569 vehicles used the lane during that time. 

Add that to the 160 vehicles that the surgery is forecasting, and we can expect a total of 729 vehicles a day during those hours.

I ask each and everyone of you to remember that Mill Lane is a busy mostly single track lane that has hardly any footpath and very little street


Children use this lane to go to school. In the winter pedestrians have to stand in mud to allow vehicles to pass, and in the summer it is knee high stinging nettles.

The developer for this site claims that there is no other land suitable in the village for a surgery.

This is absolute rubbish as there is land near Lidl and the Mayfly, which has had outline planning for a surgery.

There is also room in the under-used Community Centre and there is the piece of amenity

land behind Tesco.

All of these sites are in or near the centre of the village with space, and not tucked down some unlit overused single track lane.

Tony Hutt