Record breaker Peter celebrates 20th anniversary

Contributed by editor on Jul 04, 2006 - 12:24 AM


Over 30 years ago this summer,  54 year old Peter Jurzynski was a Kettletown State Park lifeguard in the United States.

Peter now spends every summer in Folkestone and is a familiar face around the town. He returns home to Naugatuck in Massachusetts   for the autumn.

He is now training in the brisk waters of the English Channel for his 17th English Channel attempt, and hopefully, his 13th successful crossing.

If all conditions are favourable, Peter will make his 2006 attempt during the July 18 to 28 neap tide period.

He is celebrating his 20th year of training in Folkestone.

Last year, he established the personal record of completing the greatest number of crossings by an American male.

He trains in Boston Harbour, at Post University in Waterbury during the winter, and in Folkestone during the summer.