Run by 'Con the People First Party'

Contributed by editor on Jul 05, 2006 - 12:33 AM



Dear Ed,

There certainly was a catalogue of problems and mistakes surrounding the introduction of the new recycling scheme and lorries, not the least of them are the following: 

1) There is a public document that went to Cabinet which gave details of the tender bids received for the lorries. If Cabinet did not have all the information they now say was lacking, they o­nly have themselves to blame. 

2) Cabinet approval or that of an individual member of the Cabinet under Shepway`s constitution would have been needed to purchase such equipment because of its value. 

3) Having discovered 6 weeks earlier that the refuse fleet was not fit for the job, why did we go ahead and pay the balance owing at the end of November 2005, 2 weeks before the company went into liquidation. 

This scheme is now over budget by an estimated £1.2millon, would you believe the same amount that Cllr. Monk told me last week that he would be needing to balance Shepway`s books next year. 

As Cllr. MacMillan recently put it, we are certainly being run by the `Con the People First Party`. 

Colin Tearle


Densole Lane

Densole, Folkestone