Surgery plans could affect you all

Contributed by editor on Jul 07, 2006 - 12:11 AM


Dear Ed,

re: Mr Hutts "saga of Leaks wood"

It would be helpful if even more people were to register their disapproval of this planning application by writing to the council offices. The address is; The Planning Officer, Planning and Building Control, Civic Centre, Castle Hill Avenue, FolkestoneCT20 2QY quoting reference no Y06/0863/SH

We sympathise with the Hawkinge Group Practice in their need to find larger accommodation but there are other more suitable  sites which could be made available and it is felt that the lapsing of planning consent for the Spitfire Way site is not an insurmountable problem and could be dealt with fairly rapidly.

Of the entire village population, 2/3rds will be living o­n the west of the A260 (Canterbury Road).

In whichever area you live, if you go to the Doctors, if you go to the Pharmacy, if you have children attending the school, this issue will affect YOU.

The Street and Mill Lane are both highly hazardous areas and o­nly last week there was a tragic fatal accident nearby o­n the Canterbury Road.

We simply cannot afford to lose the last wooded area in the village to yet another concreted area.

Yours sincerely