Civic Society try to block building in the woods

Contributed by editor on Sep 14, 2006 - 02:09 PM


At the Parish Council meeting o­n Wednesday (13 September), Civic Society Chairman Stuart Hall asked the council if they would consider applying for a Section 4 directive to prevent all building on the site of the proposed Health Centre which recently had its plans rejected.

Mr Hall told parish councillors that the Chairman of Swingfield Parish Council Cllr Colin Tearle had saved Black Horse meadow in Densole from development by successfully applying for the directive.

Hawkinge Parish Council Chairman David Callahan replied that he would be seeking advice and would report back to the Civic Society.

If the directive were granted it would remove permitted development rights to the woodland where the surgery was planned, however the Hawkinge Gazette have been informed that the Directive would not be applicable in this case.

A reliable source has stated the land in question cannot be built o­n at present as it is a CO24 buffer zone in the Shepway local plan. This prevents any building o­n the land until there are changes to the plan, which cannot be made for another 5years.