Have the stone throwers seen the good in Peter Smith?

Contributed by editor on Oct 22, 2007 - 07:31 PM

Dear Editor,

It must be the 'get Cllr. Peter Smith' season.

As a past member and fascinated watcher of the parish council for donkey's years, I can look at the topic with an independent, non jaundiced, non political eye.

I recognise that Mr. Smith was wrong to do what he was found guilty of but what has that got to do with the parish council setting a budget with his assistance as an elected member. He won't have a chance to follow any personal gain from being on a committee.

However its looked at, the people throwing stones who have witnessed the good in Mr Smith, seem to have chosen not to do so. Over recent years I have watched the good he has done for the benefit of the village and it's a lot more than the stone throwers have when their efforts are added together.

My long experience in life has taught me that we all have a skeleton in the cupboard and 'there but for the grace of God go I'.

It's the law of the land that the rehabilitation of offenders be prominent in public life. He was punished and life goes on. I admire him for having the balls to ignore it all and just get on with things.

The big regret of the current debate is the loss of Cllr. Avery. He certainly has what is needed and he will be sadly missed whereas a few of the other deadbeat councillors could be lost without it ever showing and that doesn't include Peter Smith.

If there is any purpose in there being a parish council, and there is doubt about that, then at least look upon Peter Smith as the one amongst the members who always has an alternative view.

If only at times he is correct its worth him being there, even if he doesn't always want to go along with the ideas of the 'newbies' to the area.

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