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Articles: Councillor duped by Status Quo trickster

Contributed by editor on Nov 14, 2008 - 08:43 AM


A trickster duped a Dover Councillor into providing free meals and it was claimed, obtained trips in the Mayor's limo after pretending to be Francis Rossi from the top rock band, Status Quo.

According to press reports, the man,  who wanted to remain incognito and called himself 'Graham', was wined and dined by fellow councillors after promising he would perform free at their festival.

He claimed his 'pals' Sir Paul McCartney, Charlotte Church and Brian May from Queen would also be there.

He first tricked 67-year-old Cllr Vic Matcham who later lost his seat on the Town Council.

For almost a year he was reportedly treated to trips in the Mayor’s limousine, slap-up meals and even attended a VIP event at Dover Castle.

He judged the floats at the town's annual carnival parade although he was not wearing a pony tail.

When asked why Rossi’s trademark ponytail was missing, he said: “I can’t grow my hair long any more. A fake one is stuck on three hours before a gig.”

But 'Graham' was rumbled after his star 'pals' didn’t turn up for the gig and the trickster fled the town.

Dover's town clerk Mike Webb said: 'No council expenditure was spent on this man. A former Dover councillor appears to have been conned who was acting in an unauthorised way and never with the backing of the council.'