Hawkinge Nursery to feature on BBC TV

Contributed by editor on Apr 10, 2008 - 12:00 AM

Kidease Nursery in Haven Drive, Hawkinge will be featured on BBC TV introducing
foreign language learning to young children using the ChatterTongues

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The method introduces new languages to the children
using foreign speakers.

Charlotte Williams-Funnell from the nursery said: "Both the children and
their parents have been very enthusiastic about this venture and we have
observed that the children are beginning to use Spanish greetings, words
and phrases during their play.

"This is a good introduction to the world around them and also supports
their growing knowledge of culture and diversity within our society."

On Monday 14th April 2008, BBC South East Today will be visiting the
nursery to film the children engaging with Spanish ChatterTongue

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