Leas Lift cash pours in as rain pours down

Contributed by editor on Apr 13, 2008 - 12:00 AM

By Robert Mouland (Treasurer of the 1890 Leas Lift Step Carriage

The steps are getting shorter to climb to reach up for the last
£10,000 — that is the remaining sum needed to initiate the restoration
of the historic 1890 Leas Lift Step Carriage appeal, as £15,000 has
already been collected from the compassionate Folkestone community.

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 In conjunction with the Town Centre Management,
and the Step Lift Carriage team, the total of £371.00p was raised at our
annual fundraising collection on April 5, in Sandgate Road, despite the
atrocious weather elements on that day.

Our hearts and minds are profoundly indebted to the community of
Folkestone for such a welcome sum. We would also like to praise the Town
Centre Management, the Sea Cadets, the vintage post office vehicle owner
and the Napoleonic soldiers and their little drummer boy, who all braved
the bitterly cold day to make it such a success.

Thank you especially to our chairman Jack Gill, our Secretary Anne
Houghton and Mr John Smith for giving up their day yet again for the
Step Carriage project.

It would make life so much easier if one or two local wealthy
individuals or business people could furnish this outstanding £10,000
and in the process acquire for themselves a name which will go down in
history as generous benefactors who safeguarded this historical railway
carriage for future generations.

A reminder of our bank account details (account number 21433784, sort
code: 40-21-15) and website address:

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