Police warn people to be on their guard over summertime thefts

Contributed by editor on Apr 18, 2008 - 12:00 AM


Neighbourhood Watch are warning that as we enter the
spring and summer seasons, we more frequently visit the Kentish countryside.

Please remember to ensure that any vehicles, mowers, heavy machinery and plant,
including mowers are always left locked and secure when unattended.

Wherever possible (in the case of plant and machinery) that they are disabled in
order to prevent easy removal.

Please also ensure that all serial numbers are recorded and stored in a safe
place to assist any subsequent crime reporting.

Also whenever possible please ensure that your property is security marked as
this could assist later identification if found.



Sally Coleman, Parish & NHW Liaison Officer 07870 999892 

PCSO Sarah Wallace  07772 226229

Village Warden Tanya Clark 07811 271303