A Dungeness nuclear leak would affect half of northern Europe

Contributed by editor on Apr 02, 2008 - 04:06 PM

Dear Editor,

Re: Shepway could have new nuclear power station on its doorstep

I am sorry but asking just those living in the Romney Marsh community is not good enough.

If that nuclear station leaks it would affect half of northern Europe! Why do they still try to sell us this dead parrot?

And do not listen to people like Sir David King and their propaganda for increasing support for nuclear power in the UK?

He also thinks that that traditionally farmed food is no safer than chemically-treated food. Ask that to anyone effected by chemical warfare.

I believe he is telling porkier pies about traditional farming causing more CO2 than chemical farming. Using pollutant chemicals that damage the soil and cause acid rain is not safer. It's highly debatable that CO2 is the cause of climate change. But no debate is needed to prove that acid rain and cancers are caused by fossil chemical fuels and fertilisers.

Demand biomass energy made from hemp-seed oils. The same stuff used for thousands of years. Go read a book!

Gary Hall