Chain reaction of support for nuclear power

Contributed by editor on Apr 03, 2008 - 11:29 AM

Dear Editor,

Re: Nuclear power? - Yes please!

Like Finkle, I too support the greater use of nuclear power. He is quite correct explaining that we are happy to use French supplies of electricity, the majority of which is generated in nuclear power stations.

Why, there is even a large power station just across the Channel at Gravelines.

Nuclear power is one key in the fight against global warming, a phenomena that does not respect boundaries.

On the note of global warming, why should my car be penalised whilst airlines seem to get away with transporting bogus passengers around the world simply to avoid a fine.

Similarly, should British Airways be allowed to fly lost baggage to Milan to sort it, whereupon, because it will have missed its owners, will have to be flown back!

Why charge my car for pollution whilst all this is going on?

Take the money from those airlines I say!

Now, where's me hemp?