Police warn of forged banknotes circulating in south of the county

Contributed by editor on Apr 03, 2008 - 03:37 PM

Police are warning the public that counterfeit £20 banknotes could still be circulating in the South Kent area.

Officers have been  investigating the circulation of counterfeit cash in the Ashford area  and have made four arrests.

In the meantime, people in South Kent are being urged to be vigilant as some forged £20 notes are still in circulation, and to follow this advice:

There are a number of ways in which you can check to see if a bank note is counterfeit.

Firstly feel the paper: if the note is in good condition it should be crisp and slightly rough and not waxy, limp or shiny.

It should carry a watermark of the Queen that can be seen when held to the light.

A genuine note has a thread embedded into the paper. When held to the light this should form a bold continuous line. Genuine banknotes are designed using fine lines and images should not appear in soft focus or fuzzy.

If you believe that someone has passed a counterfeit note check it against the genuine one as this may help clear confusion.

It is a crime to try to pass or possess a banknote that you either know or think to be counterfeit. If you inadvertently receive a note that you believe to be counterfeit, you should take it to the nearest police station.

Shops are within their rights to refuse banknotes that they think are fake; we would urge shop assistants to contact us if they are suspicious of a customer.

If anyone has any information in relation to this matter please contact Kent Police on 01622 690690 or Kent CrimeStoppers on 0800 555111.