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Human interest: Share your memories with toys and games from your childhood - (photos)

Contributed by editor on Jun 16, 2008 - 12:00 AM


Treasured memories of childhood are being gathered for a special new
exhibition opening in the Autumn.


traditional dolls and tin-plate trains, to superhero comics and
action figures, items from childhood over the last 100 years are
being gathered for a major display for all the family opening this
autumn – and your help is sought.

Dover Museum is looking for toys, games and pastimes.

It already has a good collection but is looking for more items to be
loaned or donated. The exhibition aims to cover the joys of
childhood with wide-ranging displays of items from the last 100

More general pastimes such as model-making and embroidery will also
feature, as well as children’s clothes, from christening gowns to
school uniform.

There will be toys and games for visitors to play with, and even a
film show of episodes of children’s TV from the last 50 years. There
will also be an opportunity for people to appear in a Museum
in-house documentary, talking about the toys, games and pastimes
they remember.

Mark Frost from Dover Museum said: “There is something magical about
seeing toys from your childhood and thinking ‘I had one of those’.
We are hoping people will search their attics and cupboards and find
the toys they loved from their childhood, and bring them to the
Museum to share and put on display. We look forward to hearing from
anyone who wants to get involved and to putting on this exhibition
for all the family.”

The exhibition opens on 22 September and will run for a year. For
more information, please contact Mark Frost at Dover Museum on
(01304) 201066.