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Groups: Bid for your share of Shepway's £68,500 giveaway

Contributed by editor on Jun 29, 2008 - 11:21 AM


Shepway Council have announced that a total of £68,500 funding is available in 2008/09 to registered charities or not-for-profit groups in the Shepway District area for schemes and projects in the area.

Projects seeking funding are not expected to meet all of the Council's priorities but are required to help the Council address at least one of the following:

- Improve the appearance of the District

- Regenerate our communities

- Improve opportunities for sport, leisure and culture

Community Chest grants are only available to registered charities or other constituted not-for-profit groups working for the benefit of Shepway District residents.

The following will not be eligible for support from the scheme:-

- precepting authorities (although they may act in partnership with eligible groups to submit grant claims)

- projects set up for private or individual benefit

- businesses other than "not for profit" companies

- projects supporting wholly political or religious activities

- projects costs incurred before a Community Chest Grant offer has been made

- running costs (such as salaries, rent, rates, utilities etc.)

- costs of loan repayments

- VAT costs where your organisation can reclaim these

Grant offers will not exceed £5,000, with the exception of one large grant of £20,000 which will be considered at the second grant advisory panel meeting. Organisations applying for the funding must have a bank account.

Grants are paid in arrears but where this causes problems Shepway may consider advance payments up to a limit of £1,000 as "forward funding". A Grants Advisory Panel made up of District Councillors will be established to recommend projects for final decisions to be taken by the District Secretary for Finance.

Decisions will be made in two rounds, the closing dates for which are:

Round One - 12 noon Monday 1st September 2008

Round Two - 12 noon Monday 3rd November 2008

Projects will be required to have started before the end of March 2009 and to have been completed within 12 months of the grant being offered.