Conservative Gane for Shepway Council

Contributed by editor on Jul 13, 2008 - 02:00 PM

Shepway Lib Dems have been struck another blow when high profile
councillor Peter Gane resigned and joined the ruling Conservative
administration on Shepway District Council.

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A Lib Dems statement said: "Many local residents will
be disappointed with Peter's decision. In the last year, the
Conservatives have sold part of Cheriton Rec to developers and
introduced a new £35 garden tax on users of the brown top bin service.
The Liberal Democrats opposed the sell-off of Cheriton Rec and the new
Garden Tax.

"Your remaining Liberal Democrat Councillors for Cheriton - Peter
Carroll, Dhan Gurung and Tim Prater - remain committed to standing up
for Cheriton against new taxes and loss of our green spaces."

The announcement follows the news last month that Cllr Emily Sanger was
no longer a Lib Dem member of either the Lib Dem Shepway District
Council Group or the Lib Dem Town Council Group.

A statement on the Shepway Lib Dem website said : "This is a result of
Cllr Sanger failing to maintain her membership of the Liberal Democrats,
and her recent decisions to support Councillors from other political
groups in a recent series of elections to positions on committees.
Martin Salmon has also decided to leave the Liberal Democrat Town
Council Group."

The Liberal Democrats continue to be the largest group on the Town
Council with 9 of 18 Councillors across the town.

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