Rats in Shepway buck national trend

Contributed by editor on Feb 13, 2009 - 05:00 AM

The rat population is exploding in areas where fortnightly bin
collections have been introduced according to a national survey, but
Shepway appears to have bucked the national trend.

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Across the country calls to pest controllers have
more than doubled, the National rodent Survey 2008 survey reveals.

About half the councils in England have opted for fortnightly
collections, despite warnings two years ago from Government scientists.
And collections could even be cut further, to once a month.

Critics say the new collection rota, with household waste like food
collected one week and recyclables the next, means that bin bags full of
rotting food can lie outside homes for up to 14 days, attracting
maggots, flies, rats, squirrels and foxes.

Families that forget to put their bins out face having the waste
festering for a month.

However the figures for Shepway District Council, which took part in the survey, do not
support the findings and have shown no appreciable increase since 2006.

Shepway had a total 555 calls involving Brown Rats in 2007, compared
with 592 in 2006.

A Shepway District council spokesperson has told the
Gazette that to date since April 2008 there have been just 428 reported