Auditor calls for complete review of Hawkinge Community Centre accounting systems

Contributed by editor on Feb 16, 2009 - 05:00 AM

An independent auditor, called in by the Hawkinge Community Centre Board has recommended a complete review of the Centre's finances.

Following the appointment of a new board at the Centre last year, it became apparent to directors that a growing number of monetary matters needed to be resolved and an internal audit was called for by the board to bring the finances under control.

Community Centre treasurer, Cllr Colin Tearle reported the main points raised in the auditor's report to Hawkinge Parish council at their monthly meeting on Wednesday (12 February) Some of the report, is critical of the financial practices that were inherited by the new board.

Auditor Kevin Funnell reported that:-


.  accounts were not ready for last AGM

.  there were discrepancies in the reporting of annual returns

.  the accounting system did not reconcile with bank records

.  inconsistencies were found in the charging policies.

He also remarked that the continued use of the Village Hall has had a detrimental effect on the usage of the Community Centre.

Cllr Colin Tearle speaking at the parish council meeting said: "Since the Community Centre opened, there has been a striking similarity between the income of the Village Hall - which was expected to shut - and the financial shortfall of the community centre, which as we all know, lead to many previous desperate applications for extra cash."

And a statement from Hawkinge Community Centre Chairman Tony Hutt said: "Following the appointment of the new Board of Directors for The Hawkinge Community Centre on the 28th June 2008, directors initially spent several months taking stock of the situation that they had inherited, however it slowly became apparent that there were matters of an important nature but were not as they seemed or had been or that they had been led to believe.

"Eventually last October a reluctant Board agreed to the appointment of an independent Auditor to assist it in resolving the many issues that were beginning to arise.

"The issues that were identified by the auditor are there for all to see in his report as are his recommendations which the board adopted on Friday 6th February 2009."

Click here to download the full report.