Green Party attack KCC over parking revenue hike

Contributed by editor on Feb 17, 2009 - 12:00 AM

Kent County Council has set a low council tax level for the coming
financial year, but is also pressing local councils for a bigger share
of car parking revenues which Green Party prospective European Candidate
for the European Elections Steve Dawe claims they are not entitled.

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Mr Dawe says: "Kent County Council (KCC) is keeping
council tax down in the next financial year from April, but expecting
local councils to give it more money from car parking charges.

"Since local councils have been starved of funds by the Government, this
is quite inappropriate.

"If KCC wants more funds, it should look at the Kent Local Transport
Plan and abandon all the minor road schemes where it is the primary
funding body. It should also abandon its support for the expansion of
airports in Kent, which will lead to pressure for more spending on road

"KCC cannot resist climate change, which is its stated policy, unless it
drops its support for road building and for airport expansion. Our
council tax should not be used to support environmentally-damaging