Tory councillor faces probe after refugee joke posted on internet

Contributed by editor on Feb 28, 2009 - 12:00 PM

A Conservative councillor faces a probe after he posted a joke about
refugees on the internet according to a report in a national newspaper.

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Dover District Councillor Roger Walkden has found
himself at the centre of immigration controversy after he was reported
to Tory leader David Cameron's office and the local government watchdog
over his gag reports the Guardian.

The article says that guest house owner Cllr Walkden could be
reprimanded or stripped of his seat on Dover District Council over the
funny - in which an immigrant is handed a free eight-bedroom house by a
fairy after arriving in England.

In the punchline the new foreigner's house and other new-found gains are
stripped away after he asks to become native, with the fairy explaining
"Now that you are English, you're entitled to f*** all."

The Tory Party immediately distanced itself from the joke - condemned by
the town's MP as offensive.

A Conservative Party spokesman said a complaint made to the Standard's
Board had also been sent to leader David Cameron's office.

Dover MP Gwyn Prosser said: "These sort of jokes cause offence and they
certainly influence people's prejudices.

"I think he has done the right think by apologising and asking for the
joke to be removed."

Cllr Walkden said he was amazed at the uproar. "I really don't think I
have done anything wrong," he said: "I have apologised on the website
and asked that the joke be removed. I will no longer be posting on there
as I don't want to get the man who runs it in trouble."