Music equipment seized from karaoke couple

Contributed by editor on Feb 06, 2009 - 08:00 AM

Music equipment has been seized by Shepway council's environmental
health team after a couple sung along to karaoke at the top of their
voices and played music so loudly it made walls vibrate.

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The equipment, including speakers, will be
confiscated for 28 days by the council, and returned only if the couple
agree to pay council costs.

The council secured a warrant from Folkestone magistrates to seize the
equipment from the flat at East Cliff Gardens, Folkestone, after the
couple ignored a Noise Abatement Notice.

The notice was served after numerous complaints about
the couple's music and after an Environmental Health Officer heard the
problem for himself and assessed it to be causing a statutory nuisance.

Despite the notice, the problem continued and the council was called out
on 10 occasions - once as late as 1.45am.

An Emergency Response Officer said that when he was in a neighbouring
flat ‘it was like standing in a night club.' On another occasion the bass
beat was so loud it made walls and a fireplace vibrate and another time
extremely loud music could be heard 50 metres away.

Cllr William Richardson, Cabinet Member for Technical and Environmental
Health, said: "Everyone has the right to play music in their own home but they also
have a responsibility to make sure this is played at a reasonable level
and at a reasonable time so that it does not cause a misery to

"The couple were warned twice that we would confiscate equipment if the
problem continued and they chose to ignore those warnings. Ultimately,
if they carry on causing a nuisance we have the power to seize the
equipment and destroy it."