Abolish KCC say Greens in council election manifesto

Contributed by editor on Feb 08, 2009 - 03:00 AM

Dear Editor,

The Kent Green Party has launched it's manifesto 'Greening Kent' for
the Kent County Council elections to be held on 4th June 2009.

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The party will be supporting:

· New allotments and organic farming throughout Kent.

· Abolition of the County Council and its replacement by Unitary Authorities,
with boundaries decided by local referenda.

· The creation of a road user hierarchy for Kent and Medway putting pedestrians
and walking first in terms of spending, then cyclists, then buses, coaches,
taxis, light goods vans and HGVs. This would be funded in part by charging
foreign vehicles for using Kent’s roads.

· Expansion of sustainable forms of tourism, and conversion of Kent’s airport to
all-weather leisure facilities and other uses

· Abolishing the eleven plus (Kent Test) for secondary education.

· Energy Conservation, renewable energy and particularly solar installations on
homes all offer significant employment potential, as does promoting the move of
the Civil Service out of London to brownfield sites in Kent.

· Reviewing disaster planning in the light of climate change, the limited
provision for nuclear accidents, the many flood-prone areas, under-protected
coastlines and the very poor provision for severe winters.

· Promoting a shift in spending on policing in Kent towards crime prevention,
giving more resources to community crime prevention schemes and Neighbourhood

· Using available resources to promote healthy diets and the use of organic
foods, in co-operation with Health Promotion Teams.

· Closure of Dungeness B, prevention of a new coal fired power station at
Kingsnorth and major expansion of energy efficiency and renewables.

Steve Dawe

Kent Green Party

Copies of the manifesto can be obtained by emailing
or ringing
0845 257 4236