Return to Cabinet for Michael Howard?

Contributed by editor on Feb 09, 2009 - 02:00 AM

The rumour mill has been set a-whirling that Folkestone and Hythe MP
Michael Howard could be in line for a Cabinet post if the tories win the
next election after this posting on the Independent Minds weblog by
Andrew Grice.

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He writes: "Wicked whispers reach me that there could
be a surprise inclusion in David Cameron's first Cabinet if he wins the
general election. Step forward Michael Howard, the former Tory leader,
who employed Cameron as his political adviser when he was Home

"Howard is standing down as MP for Folkestone and Hythe at the election
but could be made a peer and parachuted into the Cabinet.

"Such speculation is doing the rounds in Tory circles, after Howard's
high media profile in recent weeks.

"Michael looks like a man who is back in the game. If Ken Clarke can
come back, why not Michael Howard?" says my Tory mole. When Howard
backed Clarke's return to the Shadow Cabinet before Cameron had
announced his reshuffle, it was assumed in Toryland that he was acting
as an outrider for Cameron.

"Intriguing. Perhaps someone should tell Ann Widdecombe, who memorably
said Howard had "something of the night" about him."