My kids already know where meat comes from

Contributed by editor on Sep 14, 2009 - 01:43 PM

Dear Editor,

Re:-Anger over Shepway primary school slaughtering sheep

My children already knew where meat came from long before the head at Lydd bought animals to rear for slaughter.

She says she's teaching the children about the food chain and how animals become dinner.

She's missing the part where Marcus will actually be turned into meat at the slaughterhouse.

Petting it, feeding it and naming it and then sending it away to die isn't really teaching them anything except how to feel loss for an animal that you have formed a bond with.

Taking the children that voted to send Marcus to slaughter to see him killed and turned into meat for the raffle would be a very harsh thing to do. Even letting them see an animal slaughtered before they had voted on Marcus's fate would have been harsh enough.

Still, that would have been the only way these children would have known the exact fate of the animal they have sentenced to death. Not a great responsibility for a headmistress to put upon a child is it?

Lydd Mum

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