Terrible example to set vulnerable young minds

Contributed by editor on Sep 14, 2009 - 07:42 PM

Dear Editor,

Re:-Anger over Shepway primary school slaughtering sheep

The head teacher of Shepway Primary school should think very carefully about the message being sent to the children in her care.

Children brought up in the farming community will be used to eating the animals that they have seen roaming their fields. This is a way life that they understand.

For many children this will not be the case.

Marcus is a pet, he has a name.

Good parents will have taught their children to love and look after their pets.

These are the building bricks of basic kindness which continues to influence children's interaction and thought for others throughout life.

What is this head trying to do? Treating a pet in this way is a terrible example to set vulnerable young minds. Particularly killing for money.

Is it a surprise some children are becoming greedy, self centred and thoughtless?

Rose Browne

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