Decision to slaughter 'pet' sheep defies all normal logic

Contributed by editor on Sep 15, 2009 - 11:42 AM

Dear Editor,

Re:-Anger over Shepway primary school slaughtering sheep

The decision to slaughter a sheep kept as a pet defies all normal logic.

The Headteacher would appear to be expounding some bizarre theory of educational reality by apparently insisting on this action to slaughter an animal the children had bonded with.

Her actions which it is claimed the children "voted" for are regrettable and living in an agricultural environment should render such reality exercises redundant as the children will be well aware of the source of food without having it shoved in their young faces.

This lady needs educating herself or sacking because her continued teaching methods might well cause irreparable damage to impressionable minds and cause them to need counselling at the very least or become desensitised to abuses in later life.

Chris Beal

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