Lazarus, you're off topic

Contributed by editor on Sep 15, 2009 - 05:45 PM

Dear Editor,

Re:-Anger over Shepway primary school slaughtering sheep

Just in case Lazarus is not the gentleman who featured in the Biblical story I would remind him the forum is currently about the death of a pet sheep who is unlikely to be resurrected whole and the potential effect on impressionable minds!

Our views on animal testing which I, both as a one time educationalist and lab worker find abhorrent, are not relevant to the discussion.

Likewise the Asian sweatshops that have taken over from western ones are to be deplored but even your designer goodies are made in some cases quite probably at the same time as the "fake" designer goodies in these same sweat shops!

Therefore I don't see the point of your comments however if you are intending to diminish the sensible comments made by the majority of contributors then you are just demonstrating along with Tony's sarcasm about McDonalds eaters, your lack of understanding of the potential serious future problems for the children with regard to say becoming traumatised now or in the future. Potentially becoming animal or human abusers down the line or suffering mental problems in the future.

Children apart I wonder if Kent County Council, the Schools Governing Body or the Headteacher have adequate insurance for any future mental health related claim of the type that is becoming increasingly common in our litigious society.

It has crossed my mind that having a farm on school premises in an agricultural area is a tad strange and OTT unless this is some sort of move to make the children of farmers feel included as we keep being told by various quangos that we must all be inclusive.

Perhaps the car park has instead of the usual Fiestas Golfs, Clios and the like, the odd John Deere, New Holland or Claas etc!

Suddenly I have this mental picture of Ms Charman atop a tractor with extra wide wheels and fore loader with bale handling spikes, hitting the car park of the local supermarket, flying the old Kent Flying Horse banner and shouting reality! reality, my Kingdom for reality!

In the words of that notorious tennis star "You cannot be serious".

Just maybe she models herself on the Lincolnshire grocers daughter and her famous phrase "This lady's not for turning!"

Whatever her Warholian fifteen minutes of fame will doubtless come to haunt her along with the spirit of Marcus.

May his soul rest in eternal peace through our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

Chris Beal

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