Marcus slaughtered to teach children what?

Contributed by editor on Sep 15, 2009 - 02:28 PM

Dear Editor,

Re:-Anger over Shepway primary school slaughtering sheep

Ms Charman should be sacked and examined by a psychiatrist.

For goodness sake woman, children do gradually become aware as they get older that animals are killed for food - you don't need to shove it in their face.

If it's true that Marcus was as much a pet as a farm animal then frankly I think you must be sick in the head.

Eating meat or being vegetarian is a choice to be made by informed adults, and for children it is the choice of informed parents. It isn't your job to "educate" children in this way.

Like most teachers, I expect you believe you live in the real world - sadly, like many teachers you don't, you live in a fantasy world where somebody has unwisely invested you with too much power.

You should hang your head in shame.

Peter Marlow

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