Call for Local Authorities to back BMA report for alcohol price hike

Contributed by editor on Sep 18, 2009 - 10:25 AM

'Under the Influence', a new report published by the British Medical Association is calling for radical increases in the cost of alcohol.

Hazel Dawe, Chair of Kent Green Party, said: "Alcohol misuse is implicated in violent crime including domestic violence, mental health problems and premature deaths.

"The British Medical Association's new report calls for alcohol to be priced at 50p per unit and an end to alcohol advertising, sponsorship and discounting.

"The Association justifies this view because of the scale of alcohol abuse in the UK."

The Kent Green Party want local councils to consider whether they back the BMA's approach.

"We believe that prevention is better than cure. The costs of the NHS and policing are both significantly influenced by alcohol abuse" continued Ms Dawe.

"The public are entitled to be able to go out in the evenings without having problems from the significant numbers of people in this country who consume too much alcohol. Since reducing alcohol consumption would reduce crime and ill-health, local councils could consider which areas would be appropriate for 'alcohol control' zones to reduce binge drinking. They could then make their support for the BMA's approach public."

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