Wake up... Do you all live in the real world?

Contributed by editor on Sep 22, 2009 - 09:20 AM

Dear Editor,

Re:- Anger over Shepway primary school slaughtering sheep
Oh my god...I cannot believe what you people are saying.

Do you all live in the real world or hide behind a curtain of ignorance?

You have no reference point to see how well Ms Charman is doing in that school because you know no better than what's just in front of your nose.

That school had so many more problems before she came there and now you ridicule her and her reputation?

It's an animal. A sheep that from the beginning was to be slaughtered. A vote was taken and carried out by the school but yet you attack Ms Charman.

This is the problem with your English society these days.

Sending a student to therapy? wake up.

William O'Gorman

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