Daltons Weekly triggers Folkestone Harbour Station interest

Contributed by editor on Sep 29, 2009 - 01:11 PM

Reading a copy of Daltons Weekly triggered a couple from Las Vegas to offer to help save the Folkestone Harbour Station.

The couple from the US who emailed the Hawkinge Gazette offering to 'become involved' after hearing the Folkestone Harbour railway line and station could be destroyed in favour of a new modern marina, came across the historic Station whilst reading Daltons Weekly in their home town of Las Vegas.

John Williams said: "My wife and I were looking through the adverts in Daltons Weekly for 'Pubs to Let' when we came across a property at Folkestone Harbour that was available.

"Wanting to know more about the area we began surfing the internet for facts, figures and news articles about Folkestone when we came across an article discussing the ongoing struggle to save the Harbour Railway Station.

"We proceeded to find all we could on the very interesting and grand history of the Station," Mr Williams said.

"My wife, Shirley is British and I am an American who has been in the entertainment business in Las Vegas for the more than 23 years.

"We both find it a shame that as society marches forward into the unknown, both of our great countries seem to forget where we have been. They have a habit of doing away with important monuments that our parents and grandparents made for future generations to enjoy!

"We don't want to mislead anyone, as we have no funds to contribute to the restoration, however carrying a sign up and down the strand would not be out of the question, or lending our name and efforts in anyway possible to aid the cause would certainly be our pleasure."

The Harbour railway station is an area of historic importance and The Remembrance Line Association Ltd has been formed to fight plans which could destroy the site.

Steam trains still occasionally use the line which has been closed to regular passenger trains since the ferries ceased some years ago.

Plans proposed by The Remembrance Line Association include the rebuilding of the station together with a WW1 and WW2 Museum.

The Association campaign is trying to win political and public support to preserve the line, station and harbour area.

Editor's message : Please email us if you would like to help and we will forward replies to Mr Wiffen from The Remembrance Line Association.

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