Councillor calls for parents to walk children to school, even in the rain, as Churchill School gets zigzag lines

Contributed by editor on Oct 27, 2010 - 09:10 AM

The traffic congestion at The Churchill School in Hawkinge, which forced it to close its gates to vehicles picking up and dropping off pupils,  is to have parking restrictions implemented on the road outside.

Shutting the gates failed to solve the problem with vehicles now being parked on grass verges and on roundabouts, often blocking the main gates which would be needed in emergencies.


The school were keen to alleviate the problem and County Councillor Susan Carey, who is also a Governor of the school, together with fellow Councillor Willie Richardson have agreed to fund the introduction of zigzag lines in Haven Drive, making it illegal for drivers to park directly outside at drop off and pick up times.

Cllr Carey explained that she and Cllr Richardson are spending £15,000 helping schools across Shepway renew or introduce lines and have the necessary statutory notices to back them.

"It's the legal bit that costs the money," Cllr Carey explained.

"I am doing this because the schools believe it will help.

"However, if people drove with more consideration this £15,000 of public money could have been used to improve our roads. I hope it will have the effect the schools' hope for," Cllr Carey said.

Speaking about the Churchill School she called on parents to use a nearby car park: "My plea is for parents to use the Lidl car park and walk their children to school, even when it is wet."