The Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War exhibition opens in Folkestone

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By Susan Carey

St Peter’s church, Folkestone is hosting an exhibition of The Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War.

Revd David Adlington said prayers in memory of those who had lost their lives at sea off Folkestone

Town mayor Emily Arnold officially launched the exhibition on 16 November at an evening event hosted by St Peter’s church and Folkestone Heart Forum.


Town mayor Emily Arnold with District Council Leader David Monk   Photo: Susan Carey

St Peter’s church Folkestone has always had strong connections with mariners and is well known for its annual Blessing of the Fisheries ceremony.


Names of the drowned were remembered   Photo: Susan Carey


It is hoped to use St Peter’s as a focus for remembrance of those who died at sea so it is a particularly fitting venue for the Forgotten Wrecks exhibition which is due to tour the UK.


One of the exhibits – a depth charge primer from SS Eleanor 1918    Photo: Susan Carey


Over 700 wartime wrecks are known to lie off the south coast of England and on 17 November it will be the centenary of the sinking of Hospital Ship Anglia sunk by German mines just 1 mile from the safety of Folkestone harbour.


Cllr David Monk with the exhibition   Photo: Susan Carey


The ship was carrying 390 and 134 lives were lost including wounded soldiers, the crew and nurses. Nearby torpedo gunboat HMS Hazard helped with the evacuation but the collier ship Lusitania which also went to the aid of the Anglia was also sunk by mines.


Revd David Adlington welcomes the guests   Photo: Susan Carey


Revd David Adlington said prayers in memory of those who had lost their lives at sea off Folkestone and for those who had suffered in the recent atrocities in Paris. The names of some of those who died at sea were read out and this is done on a regular basis at St Peter’s.


The Forgotten Wrecks artefacts  Photo: Susan Carey


Among the guests at the opening were local councillors including Shepway District Council leader David Monk who said the exhibition would mean the Forgotten Wrecks were now properly remembered. The exhibition runs until mid March 2016 and more information is available on


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