How to Attract More Customers to Your Local Business

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When you run a small local business, it can be easy to find yourself with a certain number of loyal customers which never seems to really grow.

Although the local customers from the local community who offer their full support to your business are great, the fact that new customers are few and far between does nothing to help your business grow and develop, and as a result your profits hit a plateau. Even if you think that you’ve marketed to all the locals, however, there are still some things which you may not have done yet – things which could effectively attract new customers through your doors.

Social Media Marketing

Is your local business set up with a profile on social media? Profiles on sites such as Facebook are a must have for small local businesses as they create a community spirit amongst customers and make it easier to cast the net a little further afield. Using social media also makes it much easier to communicate with your customers, learning more about their wishes and needs through the feedback that they leave and therefore having the opportunity to better meet these. By using social media, you can also ask your loyal customers to help promote your brand and business by sharing your updates and posts as well as suggesting that their friends also follow your page.

Content Marketing

As an owner of a local, small business you might think that content marketing isn’t really something for you. However, this isn’t true as content marketing is an excellent strategy which all business can benefit from, whether large or small. For a local business, blogging is one of the best methods of content marketing that can be employed. Use your blog to its best effect in order to keep your customers updated with everything that’s going on within your company and also use community news to keep it relevant to your local demographic. Content marketing can also help to improve your online presence through strategies such as link building, therefore giving new customers from surrounding areas, those visiting and those moving to the area a better chance of finding you online and developing an interest.

Google’s Local Search

With the majority of modern smartphones now fitted with GPS tracking capabilities, Google has added a new ‘Local Search’ ‘feature to its search function. When users type in certain keywords, their location is also taken into account in order to find businesses near them which offer the products or services they are in need of. Optimising your website for local search is a must if you want to gain a better online presence in your local community. Appearing in local search results can also help to bring in new customers from surrounding areas or indeed anybody searching for the type of products or services that your brand has to offer whilst they are nearby. You can optimise your site for local search by ensuring that you include a location on each page and listing on different online directories.

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