Time to move to tropical Folkestone when it's minus 12c and I can't get out of the driveway

Contributed by editor on Feb 10, 2017 - 01:05 PM

Dear All,

Good Friday morning to all - weatherwise it is not so good!



It's minus12.2c and I can't get out of driveway - this is no joke. Time for me to move to tropical England?


Cold is one adjective and snow is another.


On Thursday, unlike the practice in most storms I was unable to shovel out.


Once the sun comes up I'll seek out someone with a snow thrower or plough.


The schools are closed once again as they were on Thursday and due to ice potential on Tuesday and it is not over yet.


Rain, ice and snow - a wintery mix is the forecast!


The chilly English Channel


A main issue here is that when it snows a lot in early February, any additional snow storm creates a problem where to put it, as do the warm days that melt the snow and then it freezes over at night.


I would say 13 inches fell in this storm in my area. It will shortly be time to venture outside, in -12.2 weather to find a way of moving the stuff.


Oh I prefer a dip in the cold channel which is warm compared to this!

Peter Jurzynski

(Former American Channel swimming record holder and regular summer and winter visitor to Folkestone)
10 February 2017


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